i2N is a UK software house producing bespoke applications for the UK Government, specifically in the criminal justice service area where i2N work with the MOJ’s prison, probation and youth justice services.

i2N have particular experience in resolving difficult data migration problems that are commonplace in the joined up context of criminal justice, where operational data has to be moved between agencies, crossing restrictive security perimeters that limit the easy movement of information.

I2N’s background in criminal justice, and the fact that all their staff are UK government security cleared, makes them natural partners for DDS. The two companies have worked together over many years and have a mutually respect for the work that each does. DDS and i2N typically collaborate on projects where there is a bespoke element, or where criminal justice or the enforcement authorities are involved and where it makes sense to combine capabilities and reuse facilities so that the customer can be given an optimal solution that shows real value for money.

I2N www.i2n.com