DDS has a wide range of experience from consultancy to development, designing and implementing bespoke and packaged solutions focused on the public sector.

In the last 15 years it has engaged with almost every central government department and a number of local authorities, working on both short-term and long term projects, improvements and innovations to help these organisations deliver their services more effectively and efficiently.

DDS has developed a reputation as a leading provider of directory and identity management solutions, many of which have been built in-house by its team of .NET and Java developers. These products demonstrate the skills the DDS team have in web service and database design working to the principles of an open and standards-based service architecture.

DDS has access to a team of highly experienced business analysts who are able to help the developers adapt DDS off-the-shelf products to meet specific business needs, resulting in the customer being better able to maximise their benefits from introducing the systems. As a small and focused software development company, DDS has worked successfully with partner organisations to deliver overall solutions to the customer.

The DDS development team work closely with their opposite numbers in the DDS support team, who provide expert support for the customers using with DDS products or DDS supported online services, such as those provided to government through the Savvis GWS framework contract.

DDS maintains a service support team which can tap into the expertise of the development specialists and is able to both directly and indirectly support the customer in their use of DDS products (e.g. through the development and delivery of training materials and a service helpdesk).