The Product Set

DDS has developed a product-set focused on secure directory information management systems. These have been developed from work done with large corporates and central government departments over many years.

The product set has four main elements as follows:

Directory of Business

At the heart of the Daemon product-set is the DDS Directory of Business (or DOB). This is the latest version of an Organisational Directory system first released by Daemon in 1997. It provides a searchable web based view of corporate information drawn from direct input from staff, and synchronised corporate data sources from HR system, the Email address book and other databases with relevant directory information.

DDS Skills Directory

The directory is central to the DDS Skills Directory; a repository of information which contains information about staff skills, experiences and competencies relevant to the organisation. Staff can search the system to locate experts and examples of best practice within the organisation; managers can use it to understand the skill levels associated with various jobs and to understand the skill-gaps occurring from organisational changes.

DDS Identity Federation System

The directory also supports a corporate DDS Identity Federation System. This is an important strand to the Daemon product suite allowing organisations to link partners domains (e.g.: Active Directory managed network domains) into a single federated context, essential for enterprise working within an organisation.

DDS Cloud User Portal

The DDS Cloud User Portal (or CUP), is a central portal that automates the procurement and provisioning process for G-Cloud SaaS services. The CUP is used by suppliers to load product details into the CUP’s product catalogue, and by customers to procure application instances and make them available to users. All stages of the CUP’s processing are managed via its integral workflow system so that where a product has a suitable provisioning API (as does Google Apps and MS SharePoint), the entire provisioning process can be carried out without manual intervention. The CUP has a clever supply-chain management system which, with its user-based usage metering system, enable it to generate accurate monthly customer invoices and supplier payment advices. ┬áThere are planed links to the
Government’s eMarketplace portal (GeM) which, together with its indigenous capabilities will make the CUP the ideal facility for end-to-end manage of the government G-Cloud initiative for SaaS services.