Company Values

DDS focuses on providing IT services into government. The founders of the company worked for many years with the traditional large IT suppliers, and saw early on that there was a need for an alternative to the way that IT was being delivered to the public sector, specifically; to give more value for money, more agility, and to hand back control to the customer.

DDS was created with that mission. To achieve it, it was important that DDS remained small, focused, responsive, and above all cost efficient.

The team at DDS grew as like-minded individuals joined and contributed their knowledge and enthusiasm, but the goals remain the same. DDS’s expertise has developed in the fields of directory and skills management systems; core informational services for any organisation seeking to know itself better.

Over the years DDS has added collaboration, identity management and shared service delivery to its core capabilities, and offered these options back to government in a way that maximises value for money; as pay-as-you-go commodity services under a shared Crown framework contract.

We believe our contribution to the government arena can be considerable, especially in the new climate of cost-consciousness, where government is now looking for suppliers to embrace the spirit of cooperative competition, working together to deliver cost effective solutions, with no supplier lock-in; minimal up-front costs; fast implementation times, re-usable and sharable, and a future-proofed design.

That’s approach; and we strive to ensure that the products we develop, and the services we offer follow that plan and advance that goal.