The Service Set

DDS is pleased to be contributing to the Government G-Cloud framework and has a number of services available through the Software-as-a-Service  commercial model. These services utilise the latest industry technologies combined with DDS’s in-house development and experience skills to create a unique service set to help Government make the transition to Cloud working.

Collaboration Services

A range of services that provide Government agencies, departments and projects with the ability to collaborate on shared documentation, reducing costs and improving efficiency over current working practices. Tailored service options will allow organisations to use SharePoint as an individual team working facility or an organisation wide Electronic Document Record Management (EDRM) facility as required.

Directory Services

A range of services and options that allow an organisation to ‘know itself’; with fast and effective searches and powerful data sharing capabilities.

Cloud Management Services

A range of services and options that allow organisations to manage their user’s access to Cloud services. The DDS Cloud Management services can provide authenticated access to external Cloud services, manage user access and provide accurate billing and usage reports.

Consultancy Services

A range of services, based on DDS’s expertise in the Cloud arena, to help Government access Cloud technology and establish the skills necessary to be able to expand on existing services to reach the maximum benefits in security, cost reduction and user experience.