Collaboration Services

DDS brings all of its products together as a set of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Services for secure collaboration and team working for Government agencies. These browser based services are delivered through the G-Cloud framework and are accessible to all users through a GSi, or equivalent, connected workstation.

There are currently five DDS G-Cloud Collaboration Services:

SharePoint 2010 Team Collaboration – this service allows teams to quickly and easily request a team site to allow for collaborative working, across agency boundaries, on short-term projects.

SharePoint 2010 EDRM – this service allows an organisation to access SharePoint as it’s primary records management system  and to provide all users with access to the service.

SecureBox – this service allows users to share large files, or large numbers of files, which typically cannot be sent via email due to the large volumes involved.

SharePoint 2010 Criminal Justice Collaboration – this service is aimed at the particular needs of the Criminal Justice domian and applies a ‘publish and subscribe’ information sharing model.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM – this service allows users the ability to manage crucial relationships, guide everyday interactions and optimise business processes.