SharePoint/Teams Collaboration

Daemon Directory Services (DDS) are pleased to offer this leading multi-agency G-Cloud Team Collaboration Service, utilising the latest in virtualisation services and Microsoft technologies. This provides government agencies, departments and projects with the ability to collaborate on shared documentation, reducing costs and improving efficiency over current working practices.

At a glance

  • Allows multi-agency collaboration on common documents facilitating team working
  • Provides ability to manage spend at a granular user basis
  • SaaS based subscription model
  • Inclusive subscription fee that can be used to access multiple sites
  • Accessible from any GSi connected workstation
  • Federated authentication option to give users seamless single-sign-on
  • No Crown CapEx investment required
  • No termination charges
  • Crown collective purchasing model rewarding take-up by reducing on-going costs for all users
  • Compressive service wrap with service credits
  • Self-service management portal through which users, site administrators and budget holders can order, provision and manage their sites, usage and billing
  • Accredited to manage up to and including Business Impact Level 3 (IL3)
  • Offered to the government as a Private G-Cloud service
  • Uses latest Microsoft SharePoint 2010 technology to provide maximum benefit to the users