Daemon Directory Systems (DDS) are pleased to offer users of the G-Cloud the multi-agency DDS SecureBox Service – a simple, intuitive way to securely share files, akin to a shared safety deposit box, on an as-needed-basis.

To do this is utilises the latest in cloud based virtualisation and automation services for ease and speedy deployment and builds on top of other G-Cloud service, notably the DDS Cloud User Portal, which allows a DDS Secure Box owner to quickly open a box, allocate users, and notify them when content it ready to be collected.

At a Glance:

  • Allows a simple, secure and rapid sharing of files
  • Provides configurable security settings regarding the lifetime of the contents of the secure box
  • Accessible from any GSi connected workstation
  • Federated authentication option to give users seamless single-sign-on
  • No Crown CapEx investment
  • Impressive service wrap with service credits
  • Self-service management portal through which users can order, provision and manage their secure boxes, usage and billing
  • Accredited to manage up to and including Business Impact Level 3 (IL3).
  • Offered to government as a private G-Cloud service