CenturyLink UK Ltd

CenturyLink UK supply secure hosting facilities to UK government and were early proponents of the cloud which is underpinning so much of the thinking behind reducing costs for delivering government ICT. CenturyLink have become a world leader in cloud hosting through the development of sophisticated technologies for deploying and managing virtualised infrastructure products.

DDS have worked with CenturyLink for many years and were founder partners for CenturyLink Government Wide Service (GWS) framework for UK Government when it was initially set up with the Home Office and the MOJ.

In the GWS CenturyLink developed a unique and modular approach to partner-working which enables organisations such as DDS to work cooperatively with them to deliver and support their own services whilst keeping within the strict security boundaries that government security accreditation necessitates.

The GWS has contexts that meet IL2 and IL3 security requirements and uses DDS Directory, Identity Federation Service and Procurement Portal to provide low level integration services across the GWS.

DDS use the GWS for their multi-agency, multi-tenanted SharePoint and CRM Collaborative SaaS services for government.

CenturyLink http://www.centurylink.com