DDS SharePoint 2010 – Overview

SharePoint 2010 is used to build ‘collaboration sites’, with each site being accessible to a designated group of users. These sites can then be customised to include information relevant to the group, such as blogs, document stores, RSS feeds and calendars.  The DDS SharePoint 2010 service is based on a multi-tenanted implementation of SharePoint 2010 that has been security accredited and optismised for Government use. Utilising the GWS as a hosting platform allows the DDS SharePoint offering to be a genuine cross Government collaboration service that will support multi-agency working and development.

The DDS Collaboration services comprise of 2 standard service with additional associated service options. The standard services are a Team Working Collaboration Service and a Departmental Collaboration Service.

The Team Working Collaboration Service delivers a platform ideal for project based team-working and information sharing across multiple departments and agencies and is designed for agencies that need rapid deployment of SharePoint sites on a per-project basis. Sites can be comissioned and managed by users with sites, users, storage and support specified on a per-site basis. This will result in agencies avoiding lengthy and expensive procurement processes and allow for users within an agency that need to have access to SharePoint to do so in a cost effective and flexible way. The service is offered as a Saas Service and the billing is managed on a monthly basis to provide the organisation with the maximum amount of control over the number of licenses they purchase without losing the flexibility to set up new team sites as required.

The Departmental Collaboration Service is aimed at agencies wanting to manage their own allocation of site collections, and implement longer-term collaboration solutions, such as a departmental EDRM, where the volume of data and the timeframe of usage is generally longer.

Using either of the DDS SharePoint 2010 Collaboration Services, teams and individuals can:

  • Create and Manage SharePoint collaboration ‘sites’ for team working.
  • Upload documents to online libraries, share documents with others, and manage how documents are used.
  • Display project Calendars to track milestones and resource availability.
  • Show announcements and alerts.
  • Publish blogs and RSS feeds, or provide a list of links to other blogs, forums and resources.
  • Maintain a list of contact names and information
  • Create navigation for your SharePoint Online sites that best meets your organisation’s needs.
  • Provide links to other important Web sites.
  • Create specialised web sites – Document Workspaces and Meeting Workspaces – to help manage particular projects or work items.
  • Access DDS specialists to help create custom sites and new SharePoint site templates that can then be re-used across the organisation.