G-Cloud Identity Federation Services (IFS)

Daemon Directory Systems (DDS) are pleased to offer as a part of its portfolio of their G-Cloud based service portfolio, a high functionality Identity Federation Service (IFS) system, fully security accredited and available now to government bodies with a GSi or equivalent connection.

The DDS Identity Federation Service is an ‘identity broker’ system that resolves user authentication requests across multiple organisations’ networks so that they can share personalised services from each other or from the cloud without the need to use secondary user account and passwords. This makes the login process transparent and seamless and so improves the user’s experience. It also makes the sharing process more secure and efficient by having users reuse their primary local identity when accessing cloud based (non- local) services.

At a Glance:

  •  Allows personalised access to external services without using secondary accounts and logins
  • Provides ability to manage spend at a granular user basis
  • Provides Identity Federation for Partner organisations that need to share IT solutions across networks
  • Inclusive subscription fee that can be used across multiple services
  • Accessible from any GSi connected workstation
  • No Crown CapEx investment required, Saas billing, no termination charges
  • Crown collective purchasing model rewarding take-up by reducing on-going costs for all users
  • Comprehensive service wrap with service credits
  • Combines with the DDS Cloud User Portal to provide seamless personalised access to external services
  • Accredited to manage up to and including Business Impact Level 3 (IL3)
  • Offered to the government as a private G-Cloud service
  • Uses modern technology to industry standards