G-Cloud Cloud User Portal (CUP)

Daemon Directory Systems (DDS) are pleased to lead the market with the creation of the secure Cloud User Portal, (known as the “CUP”); a high functionality management system for using G-Cloud SaaS services, fully security accredited and available now to government bodies with a GSi or equivalent connection.

The CUP is a management service built to provide the strong management and flexibility for SaaS services delivered through the G-Cloud initiative; allowing users to electronically procure individual Cloud services for specific individuals and/or organisations, whilst also viewing and managing service invoices, all through a secure self-serve portal.The service has similar capabilities to an app-store manager and is designed to add value to both G-Cloud service suppliers and consumers.

At a Glance:

  • ¬†Enables electronic Enterprise or user based Cloud Procurement
  • Provides management information
  • Self-serve online portal
  • Reduces time and cost to government
  • Reduces time and cost for Suppliers
  • Offered as a Saas based subscription model
  • Light touch, browser based service
  • Visible from any GSi connected workstations
  • No Crown CapEx investment
  • ¬†No termination charges
  • Accredited to Business Impact Level 3 (IL3)
  • Offered to the government as a secure private G-Cloud service
  • Planned integration with GeM (the Government eMarketplace Portal)