The Cloud User Portal provides the strong management and flexibility that a cloud broker will need to successfully deploy SaaS Applications. The Portal allows customer project managers and budget holders to choose what services they need to do their job, and only pay for what they use. At the same time, the portal gives management the information
they need to monitor and control usage.

The major capabilities of the Cloud User Portal are as follows:

Business Functions
SaaS Procurement The Portal provides a catalogue through which
customers can specify, order and pay for SaaS applications from 3rd
party suppliers
SaaS Subscription tracking The Portal tracks usage of SaaS applications and maximises
usage of the license subscription purchased; you only need to buy what you
actually use
SaaS Metered Billing The Portal manages the entire billing and payments
cycle its usage tracking system enables it to calculate customer bills
and  suppliers fees across the entire
product supply chain
SaaS Management Information The Portal maintains management information about SaaS
application usage, such as – who is registered for what app, what apps are
being used and how often, how much storage is being actually used, which apps
are being paid for but are dormant
SaaS Application Management The Portal controls who can sign up to what SaaS
applications, and with what authority, using configurable authorisation.  This includes workflow to manage
dependencies and dialog between application owners and budget holders
User Management The Portal is fully integrated into a User Directory that
tracks every user’s access to the SaaS applications
User Portal The Portal tracks users and the SaaS applications they
have access to. It provides each user with their own portal showing what they
can access
User Workflow The Portal includes workflow to manage business dependencies
between application owners and budget holders
Service Catalogue There is a full searchable listing of all services,
enabling staff and management to see what is being used
Multi-Agency / Multi-Network
Partnership Working The Cloud User Portal allows users from different partners
agencies and different networks to be authorised users of the same services, providing
a fully integrated service for the partner group
Federated Authentication The Portal provides a federated identity management
system for seamlessly authenticating users who come from different organisations.
Simplified User Management Federation means user authentication is passed through
to the host organisations network removing the need for separate user management
(adding &removing users, etc.) on the SaaS application