Skills Directory

Daemon Directory Systems (DDS) are pleased to offer a new application for managing an organisation’s staff skills and knowledge. The service is fully accredited, scalable to meet the demands of the biggest government department and has the potential for managing skills and knowledge across the entire pan-government domain.

The Skills Directory service enhances the DDS Directory of Business through the addition of an extended staff profile containing details on staff skills, experience and competencies, organised so that users can search the system to locate expertise and find examples of best practice. Skills searches can be combined with organisational search information to find details relevant to certain parts of the organisation or specific groups of staff within it.

At a Glance:

  • Enables organisations to see the skills, competencies, interests and experience inherent in their workforce
  • Provides one single, easily accessible, fully searchable location for contact details, organisational information and staff skills
  • Self-serve extended profile alows staff to add skills information
  • Provides knowledge to the organisation about skills gaps and learning and development opportunities
  • Redaction engine for increased security for sensitive fields
  • Saas monthly user-based charging; no Crown CapEx investment, no termination charges
  • Accredited to Business Impact Level 3 (IL3)